The 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2023 | by Better Homes & Gardens

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The 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2023 | by Better Homes & Gardens

A beautiful outdoor living space can instantly make your home feel larger and more luxurious. While fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and cozy furniture can certainly make your patio or deck more enjoyable, a high-quality outdoor ceiling fan can help ensure it never becomes too hot or uncomfortable to enjoy, especially during the warmer months. 

“Outdoor ceiling fans help improve air circulation, making it cooler outside in the summertime and more comfortable to enjoy your outdoor space,” says Jason Farr, the CEO, and founder of Aviara Pavers, a design and outdoor living company headquartered in Escondido, California. “They can also help reduce energy costs by circulating the air and eliminating stagnant areas, so you don't have to rely as much on air conditioning.”

Whether you’re looking to cool a large outdoor pergola or want to increase air circulation on a small balcony, this list has plenty of options. To come up with our picks for the best outdoor ceiling fans, we researched the category and considered each fan for factors such as size, number of blades, damp/wet rating, material, and other features.

We selected the Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan as the best overall because of its quality materials, effective airflow circulation, built-in light fixture, and accessible price.

Why You Should Get It: This quiet ceiling fan features a reversible motor with three speeds, allowing you to adjust air circulation for year-round comfort. 

Keep in Mind: It has a remote-control option, but it must be purchased separately.

The Honeywell Belmar is a functional, no-frills outdoor ceiling fan that can be easily installed on any covered porch, patio, or outdoor balcony. It’s outfitted with five blades—available in either bronze matte or white finish—and features modern lines and a simple design aesthetic to compliment any outdoor decor.

The fan is metal with all-weather resistant ABS plastic blades with wooden textures, ensuring they’ll stand up to nature and won’t bend. Plus, this ceiling fan is damp-rated, which makes it an excellent choice for areas with high moisture levels but are still protected from direct rain, including garages, breezeways, and screened-in lanais. With a 52-inch ceiling fan blade span, the Belmar is a great fit for medium to large-sized rooms. We also love the powerful, reversible motor with three different speed options, allowing you to adjust the air circulation as the weather outside changes with the seasons. Another bonus of this outdoor ceiling fan is its light feature. Inside the frosted glass bowl at the fan’s center are two standard A15 light bulbs that offer 600 lumens of yellow-wight light—the light is also dimmable from 10 to 100% to help you create a cozy evening atmosphere. 

The fan is also easy to use, outfitted with traditional pull chains that allow you to turn it on or off or adjust the speed with a simple pull of the chain. If you prefer the option of using a remote control, this fan offers one, too. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to buy that separately.

Price at time of publish: $139

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 13.07 inches | Number of Blades: 5 | Material: Plastic, metal | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: The fan’s blades are reversible with a different beautiful finish on each side.

Keep in Mind: Installation can be somewhat complicated with this fan, so you might reconsider DIYing if you’re new to these types of projects.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor ceiling fan on a budget, look no further. This 52-inch fan from Beclog features a sleek contemporary design with five reversible wood blades—one side has a beautiful walnut finish, while the other side comes in a sleek and modern matte black finish. Simply pick the style that best fits your space, or switch things up with the seasons.

When it comes to performance, the Beclog offers a high-powered—and extremely quiet—DC motor with six convenient speed settings that will bring a natural wind feeling to your outdoor pergola, patio, or breezeway. The energy-efficient brushless motor can also create downdrafts in summer and updrafts in winter, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Other conveniences of this damp-rated fan include a built-in LED light with three color temperature options: cool white, warm white, and natural light. There’s also a remote control that lets you adjust the brightness of the modern ceiling fan and set the fan’s six speeds, timer (1, 4, and 8 hours), and reversible function. 

With the abundance of features, keep in mind that the installation of this outdoor ceiling fan is complex. Switching the blades from walnut to black matte (or vice versa) also requires a bit of practice. If you’re new to installing lighting fixtures, it might be worth hiring a professional to ensure the fan is installed properly.

Price at time of publish: $100

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 14 inches | Number of Blades: 5 | Material: Wood | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: This fan features patented SenseMe technology that uses sensors to automate operation, resulting in a cooling breeze when you need it and energy savings when you don't.

Keep in Mind: Like all Bluetooth-enabled devices, the technology isn’t foolproof, disconnections happen and reboots are sometimes necessary.

The Big Ass Fans i6 outdoor ceiling fan is the most expensive pick on our list, but well worth the investment. First off, as the name suggests, this fan is quite large at 60 inches wide. It provides coverage for up to 20 x 20 feet, making it ideal for large outdoor pool decks, spacious lanais, or oversized wraparound balconies. This fan is also a great option for commercial spaces like restaurants and outdoor lounges.

It comes equipped with a powerful patented EC motor that is virtually silent while running and requires zero maintenance. Meanwhile, the six aircraft-grade aluminum blades deliver years of comfort without corroding or sagging. And with four color options—black, white, bronze, and brushed aluminum—it’s easy to find the right fan to fit your outside aesthetic. We also like that this fan is wet-rated, which makes it suitable for use in open outdoor spaces that get direct rain.

If you’re a fan of smart appliances, you’ll love that the i6 outdoor ceiling fan is Bluetooth-enabled for easy operation via your favorite voice assistant. And thanks to the patented SenseMe technology, this fan automatically operates exactly when you need it to, providing a cool breeze at the right time, every time. It’s worth noting that, like all smart devices, the technology on this fan isn’t foolproof. Be prepared for the occasional glitch that will require you to reboot to get things up and running again. If you want to add a light to the fan, keep in mind that it’s sold separately.

Price at time of publish: $2,049

Product Details: Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 13.5 inches | Number of Blades: 6 | Material: Aluminum | Damp/Wet Rating: Wet-rated

Why You Should Get It: This energy-efficient fan provides cozy, dimmable color options, allowing you to create a wonderful atmosphere for any type of evening.

Keep in Mind: This fan is operated only via remote control (included), so you may want to consider purchasing a backup in case your first one gets lost.

If you’re looking for an outdoor ceiling fan that provides both comfortable airflow and great lighting for cozy summer gatherings, this pick from Hunter Fan Company is the best outdoor ceiling fan with lights.

The 52-inch Coral Bay Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the right size for a wide range of outdoor spaces. In addition to providing exceptional airflow thanks to its reversible multi-speed motor, this outdoor ceiling fan doubles as a gorgeous chandelier. It features a lantern-style light fixture with three vintage energy-efficient LED Edison-style bulbs encased in seeded glass. The bronze finish will complement any modern farmhouse aesthetic. The five-blade Coral Bay Outdoor Ceiling Fan is made of aluminum and alloy steel and is damp-rated for use in screened-in patios, outdoor kitchen areas, or covered porches.

The fan comes with a handheld remote for convenient control of the fan speed and lighting intensity. Keep in mind that, unlike some other options on the list, this fan doesn’t include a traditional pull chain. This means the remote is the only way to operate the fan. Because of this, you may want to consider purchasing a backup in the event your original remote breaks or gets lost.

Price at time of publish: $400

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 16.7 inches | Number of Blades: 5 | Material: Aluminum, alloy steel, resin, glass | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: This fan boasts a gorgeous design that will work with a wide range of home aesthetics.

Keep in Mind: While it has outstanding airflow, this fan is not ideal for larger spaces.

If you prefer the look of an outdoor ceiling fan without a lighting feature, this pick from Casa Vieja is an ideal choice. This 52-inch outdoor ceiling fan features a unique airplane-inspired design with three walnut-finish solid wood fan blades surrounding a motor with a bronze finish. This makes it a beautiful option for stylish mid-century homes, as well as spaces with western or industrial design aesthetics. The fan has a maximum slope of 25 degrees, which makes it mountable on slanted ceilings.

When it comes to function, this fan gives you everything you need to create a cool and comfortable outdoor breeze. Choose from three different speeds, or use the reverse function to draw air upward, keeping outdoor temperatures comfortable during the cooler months. We also love that this quiet electric fan is damp-rated for use in moisture-laden locations such as covered porches and patios. It also comes with a convenient handheld remote control. Keep in mind that while this fan provides exceptional airflow, it’s not made for extra-large outdoor spaces. So, if you are looking for fan options for an oversized outdoor space, consider purchasing two fans or investing in a larger option, like the Big Ass Fans i6.

Price at time of publish: $280

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 12 inches | Number of Blades: 3 | Material: Wood | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: This fan is corrosion-resistant and specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions that often come with coastal living.

Keep in Mind: Both the fan’s wall switch and remote control require batteries.

Materials matter when it comes to selecting the best outdoor ceiling fan, especially in a seaside setting. This 52-inch wet-rated fan from Hunter is our pick for the best outdoor ceiling fan for salty air because of its heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum construction made to withstand those fierce ocean breezes. 

The fan is equipped with a patented Whisper Wind motor and SureSpeed to deliver ultra-powerful airflow for high-speed cooling and quiet performance. Installing this fan is easy, too. The adjustable mount offers three different mounting options—standard, low, or angled—as well as 4-inch and 2-inch down rods to ensure ideal air movement for your space.

We also love that like other options on our list, this four-blade fan is reversible to keep your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also has a built-in energy-efficient, dimmable LED light that lets you control the illumination of your outdoor living space. Both the fan speeds and lighting can be controlled via a convenient remote and wall switch that allows you to easily turn the fan on/off and individually adjust the light brightness and fan speed quickly. You’ll want to note that the wall switch does require batteries, which means you’ll be removing it each time you change them.

Price at time of publish: $450

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 14.85 inches | Number of Blades: 4 | Material: Aluminum, resin, glass, plastic, steel | Damp/Wet Rating: Wet-rated

Why You Should Get It: This beautifully designed fan offers style and function, featuring a powerful noiseless motor that delivers ultra-quiet performance. 

Keep in Mind: The light makes a short beeping sound each time you turn it on.

For fans of that classic farmhouse design aesthetic that combines elements like reclaimed wood, traditional patterns, and vintage touches, look no further than this pick from WWM.

The 52-inch Rustic Outdoor Ceiling Fan provides a great way to bring all those farmhouse decor elements from inside your home to the outside—making this fan ideal for homes with an indoor-outdoor living space. The fan features a gorgeous three-blade design in dark walnut or red walnut with a matte black finish. It also includes a light fixture adorned with a unique metal mesh cage. We also like that you can use the light with or without the fan operating. Keep in mind that, while not loud, the light does make a beeping noise when you turn it on.

With this damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan, you get a powerful and quiet motor that maximizes airflow, three-speed options (low, medium, and high), forward and reverse airflow functions, and convenient timer options for 1-, 3- or 6-hour cycles. It also comes equipped with three down-rods (5-, 10-, and 20-inch), which gives you different height options depending on your space. Regardless of the height you choose, this outdoor fan is easy to install and works stably without shaking even on high ceilings.

Price at time of publish: $249

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 30 inches | Number of Blades: 3 | Material: Wood | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: This sleek outdoor fan provides impressive airflow, so you won’t need to compromise on performance to meet your design goals.

Keep in Mind: The LED light kit and Wi-Fi features are sold separately.

If understated elegance best describes your preferred design aesthetic, we recommend this damp-rated pick from Fanimation.

The Kute Outdoor Ceiling Fan gives you everything you need to create a comfortable modern outdoor living space. The ultra-quiet metal fan offers exceptional airflow, thanks to its powerful and ultra-quiet DC motor that was also designed to consume up to 70% less energy than other options. The three-blade fan is available in a 44- or 52-inch blade sweep, ideal for a wide range of outdoor spaces, and boasts a sleek matte black finish that looks great with contemporary design elements. The fan also features a reverse airflow option, which will help keep the temperature comfortable in warmer or cooler climates, six variable fan speeds, and a sleep timer. 

If you require lighting, this outdoor ceiling fan offers a 17-watt LED lighting kit (sold separately). There is also the option of pairing your fan with most smart home devices, though you’ll need to purchase controls which are also sold separately. If you’re a fan of smart home devices, this upgrade might be worth the investment as it will allow you to set up the fan’s Home Away feature, which can turn the light on and off at set intervals to simulate someone being home, as well as enable the Fresh-Air option, which offers additional variable speeds to simulate a natural breeze.

Price at time of publish: $396

Product Details: Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 13.8 inches | Number of Blades: 3 | Material: Metal | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

Why You Should Get It: It has six-speed options, along with blades that can circulate up to 84 inches, making this a great option for large spaces.

Keep in Mind: Because of its size, the speed options are lower than on smaller fans.

If you’re looking for a solution to cool a larger outdoor space, an industrial outdoor ceiling fan like this wet-rated model from Minka-Aire is a great option. With eight coal-finish ABS plastic blades, this heavy-duty ceiling fan spans 84 inches and was specifically designed for outdoor spaces that can get particularly hot and humid. This makes it a great choice for warehouses, loading docks, greenhouses, and expansive decks that get a lot of direct sunlight.

The quiet DC motor provides great airflow, while the convenient handheld remote lets you easily adjust between six different speeds and access the motor’s reverse and forward function depending on the season. You can also control full-range light dimming with the motor and set up voice-activated controls using the Bond BD-1000 hub, though those accessories are sold separately.

Keep in mind that industrial fans run at a lower speed than other outdoor fans. However, they still deliver a continuous stream of airflow to larger spaces. This is thanks to a powerful motor that’s specifically designed to help effectively cycle warmer air. This can also be a more energy-efficient option than installing multiple smaller fans in one large space.

Price at time of publish: $540

Product Details: Dimensions: 84 x 84 x 12.5 inches | Number of Blades: 8 | Material: ABS plastic | Damp/Wet Rating: Wet-rated

Why You Should Get It: This outdoor fan can be angled in any direction air is needed for ultimate convenience. 

Keep in Mind: It doesn’t offer a reverse flow feature to draw air upward in the cooler months.

Small outdoor spaces like balconies and enclosed gazebos can often benefit from additional airflow. However, installing a large or even standard ceiling fan in these spaces isn’t always possible. That’s when a compact ceiling fan like this option from Casa Vieja can come in handy.

The 18-inch Big Sky Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a small but mighty outdoor cooling solution, featuring five ABS bronze-colored blades surrounded by a metal bronze-finish cage. The quiet motor sounds virtually silent on the low setting and gives you two additional speeds—medium and high—for those times when you need cooler air. 

Some things we particularly love about this fan: it’s easy to install and looks super stylish. The head is also manually adjustable, which means you can angle the fan up and down depending on where you prefer the breeze to hit. It’s also damp-rated for areas that can get a little humid, making it a great choice for outdoor rooms and screened-in patios or balconies.

There are also some things worth noting about this fan. First, it doesn’t offer a reverse airflow feature like some other options on our list. This means that while it’s great at cooling, it won’t work to draw air up during the cooler months. This fan also comes with a wall control—versus a handheld remote—which requires installation.

Price at time of publish: $280

Product Details: Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 20.4 inches | Number of Blades: 5 | Material: Metal, ABS plastic | Damp/Wet Rating: Damp-rated

We chose the Honeywell Belmar Outdoor Ceiling Fan for its convenient, powerful performance, classic design, and easy installation. 

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Most commonly, standard outdoor ceiling fans come with a 52-inch blade span. Smaller options can range between an 18- to 20-inch blade span, while large commercial-grade models can come with an 84-inch blade span or larger. 

Most residential outdoor ceiling fans come with anywhere from two to five blades. Larger, industrial-style fans often have six to eight blades.

The best outdoor ceiling fans are constructed from weather-resistant materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, natural wood, and ABS plastic. It's important to consider the climate and location in which the fan will be used and choose the appropriate material. For example, in a coastal environment, stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice for corrosion resistance. If the fan will be exposed directly to rain or snow, it’s important to choose a fan with a sealed motor and finishes that are built to withstand the elements.

Outdoor ceiling fans will either be damp- or wet-rated. Both types of fans are engineered to resist corrosion, but the difference is how much moisture they can tolerate.

Damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans can be used in areas with some contact with moisture but not in areas with constant or direct exposure to water. This makes damp-rated fans a good option for screened-in patios or porches.

Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans are designed to handle direct exposure to the elements. This means that they are tested to withstand areas with heavy rain, ice, and snow, as well as strong ocean breezes. Wet-rated fans are ideal for exposed decks, gazebos, and pergolas.

The best materials for outdoor ceiling fans are durable and weather-resistant, like galvanized steel, aluminum, or plastic,” says Farr. “These materials will stand up to sun and rain, so you won't have to worry about your fan rusting or corroding.” Farr also notes that you should also consider the style of fan you choose, as some materials may be better suited to certain fan types. “For instance, a metal fan can provide a more traditional look while plastic may be a better option for modern designs.”

The number of blades on typical residential outdoor ceiling fans can vary from two to five, depending on the size and type of fan, “a fan with more blades will move more air, but it may also be noisier,” says Farr. “If you're looking for a quieter fan, fewer blades might be the way to go.” It's important to note, however, that the diameter of the fan is also a factor in air movement and noise level. So, be sure to consider both factors when making your decision.

“No, you should not use an indoor ceiling fan outdoors,” says Farr. “Outdoor ceiling fans are designed to withstand the elements, while indoor fans are not.” Additionally, outdoor fans typically come with damp or wet ratings, which indicate how well the fan can handle moisture and humidity. Farr notes that Indoor ceiling fans do not hold these ratings and could be damaged if exposed to the elements. For your safety, make sure you use an outdoor ceiling fan specifically designed for that purpose.

The 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2023 | by Better Homes & Gardens

Zinc Molten Bath This article was written by Adria Greenhauff, who has been writing about food and lifestyle topics for more than a decade. To come up with this list, she researched the best outdoor ceiling fans on the market and interviewed Jason Farr, the CEO, and founder of Aviara Pavers, a design and outdoor living specialist company headquartered in Escondido, California.