Aspire introduces new brand Ispire Cannabis vaping cartridges, batteries and mods

Aspire, a Venice, CA based vaping atomization technology company, today officially announced the launch of its Flagship cannabis brand, Ispire. Ispire offers a full range of vaping devices available exclusively through OEM and ODM strategic partnerships. Ispire's flagship product line, Ducore, features a patented dual ceramic coil delivery system with adjustable airflow along with several other innovative technologies. These technological advances will reshape the way the user experiences cannabis. Innovations in how a consumer interacts with cannabis has been limited in recent years, and we are leading the industry innovative products that allow consumers to control their own experiences and enjoy their cannabis to the full extent. Whether you are looking for the biggest hit, bigger clouds or looking to savor all of the flavor in their vape, our products help consumers get the most out of their cannabis experience.

"Cannabis users have long had limited options with their vaping hardware. All hardware on the market is similar in nature. They all have limitations on the amount of airflow and temperature control. We created the world’s first dual coil technology, so our products provide the maximum amount of smoke, allowing customers to adjust the air flow to find the air stream that best suits their taste, ensuring a smoother, better taste, that does not burn the throat”, says Michael Wang, CEO. Jziki Blood Pressure Monitor

Aspire introduces new brand Ispire Cannabis vaping cartridges, batteries and mods

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Full line of cannabis vaping products available exclusively for distribution through OEM and ODM partnerships, learn more at

About Aspire North America LLC: We are a technology company committed to developing innovative consumer products for the cannabis industry. Our technology has been developed over the past 10 years, with more than 1,200 patents, and is recognized as a leader in vaping hardware and equipment. We have experienced industry experts, engineers, research and development teams and high-quality supply chains to meet the growing market demands.

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Aspire introduces new brand Ispire Cannabis vaping cartridges, batteries and mods

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