With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

The company said it has strengthened its position as the world’s “largest and fastest production base” for power products.

And it is now planning to further penetrate the Thai market through new distribution channels and turnkey after-sales services to cater to its customers. Small Rototiller

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

“Thanks to highly efficient technology and production control, Thai Honda products are exported to 53 countries around the world, including Europe and the Americas,” said the company’s president, Shigeto Kimura.

A total of 39 million units have been exported globally, accounting for 93 per cent of the products produced.

“Thai Honda takes pride in its internationally accepted products made by Thai people, and is committed to developing products to meet our customers’ demand,” Kimura said.

According to him, the power products industry in Thailand started in 1987 as a production base and export hub. With constantly increasing demand and production capacity, Thai Honda has become the world’s largest factory of Honda power products. Also, with a production capacity of 16 seconds per unit, it is considered the fastest.

Thai Honda has achieved cumulative production of 45 million units.

Its eight product categories available in Thailand are: general-purpose engine, generator, water pump, backpack sprayer, brush cutter, lawn mower, outboard engine, and power tiller.

Distribution channels include Honda dealers and modern trade stores, such as Home Pro, DoHome, and Siam Global.

With 93% of output exported, Thai Honda eyes more domestic sales

Water Pump This year, Thai Honda has a plan to penetrate the domestic market by reaching more target groups through new distribution channels. The plan is to increase production for the local market from 7 per cent to 10 per cent and expand the dealer network of some existing 200 nationwide.