Strongest Mushroom Spores To Buy Online In The US

The internet has unlocked endless opportunities for acquiring mushroom spores, ushering in a world of exploration and discovery. Psilocybin mushroom spores, commonly referred to as mushroom spores, are fascinating fungi brimming with the enchanting compounds psilocybin and psilocin. These extraordinary mushrooms produce spores that possess the power to cultivate new psychedelic wonders. In decades past, accessing these spores required extensive networking within niche mycology circles to find reliable sources. Today, the connectivity of the internet has removed these barriers, enabling anyone to conveniently purchase high-quality mushroom spores online for research purposes.

This guide offers invaluable guidance for premier mushroom spores from online vendors based in the United States. We provide carefully researched recommendations to assist both novice and experienced mushroom enthusiasts. Our spore selection advice is designed to save you precious time and money, so you can avoid wasting resources on inferior spores. Whether you are just starting your mycological study or are a seasoned veteran, you can feel confident embracing these spore-sourcing suggestions. Shiitake

Strongest Mushroom Spores To Buy Online In The US

Fungushead provides 10ml Penis Envy spore syringes for microscopy use only. The syringes contain tens of thousands of spores and are shipped with sterile needles, excluding sales to CA, ID, and GA. The famously potent Penis Envy cubensis is one of the most sought-after psilocybin mushroom strains worldwide for its widespread use in amateur mycological research of ballistospore size. 

Fungushead’s team of experts carefully prepares each Penis Envy syringe, filling them with thousands of high-quality spores according to the highest laboratory standards. With an extensive selection and dedication to education, Fungushead aims to equip both novice and experienced mycophiles with the tools and knowledge for mushroom study. 

Fungushead’s Penis Envy spore syringes are easy to use. They come with simple instructions to help you learn more about the strain and improve your knowledge of mycology.

Fungushead offers Penis Envy spore syringes for $45 each.

Fungushead’s Penis Envy spores earn glowing praise for their unmatched potency and profound effects. Users emphasize the importance of respecting the enhanced psychedelic strength of Penis Envy compared to other cubensis varieties. Many mycologists and researchers recommend Penis Envy from Fungushead as a top strain for spiritual journeys and introspective healing.

>> Buy Penis Envy Spore at Fungushead <<

Penis Envy is a famous psychedelic mushroom and is identifiable by its thick, penis-shaped cap. The strain is sought after for its calming qualities and powerful effects on perception.

Fungushead accepts unopened, unused Penis Envy products in original packaging for returns within 30 days of purchase, but spore syringes cannot be returned or refunded after 30 days.

To reach customer support for Penis Envy spore syringes from Fungushead, customers can submit an online contact form directly through their website.

The Alcabenzi cubensis strain originated around 2001 from blending an Alabama variety with the classic Mexican Cabenzi, producing spores ideal for fungal biology study. Originally found in subtropical climates on dung, Alcabenzi forms 120mm+ stems that bruise bluish-green and 45mm+ red-cinnamon caps covered in universal veil remnants that leave water droplets when they fade to yellow. Dark purplish-brown spore deposit makes it easy to collect samples for microscopic research. Based in Colorado, The Spore Store provides contaminant-free, 100% viable Alcabenzi spores for enthusiasts and mycologists seeking premium psilocybin products for microscopy use only.

The Alcabenzi spore syringes from Spore Store offer easy, straightforward usage. The spores come packaged in convenient syringes with clear instructions for effortless substrate inoculation.

Customers consistently rave about the exceptional quality and effects of the Alcabenzi spore syringes from Spore Store. Reviews mention the syringes arrive filled with immense spore density for great growing results. Users describe the Alcabenzi strain as surprisingly easy to work with despite its potency. Multiple customers highlight the fast shipping and overall top-notch service from this vendor. According to reviews, these Alcabenzi spore syringes are hard-hitting, easy to grow, and deliver consistently amazing experiences.

>> Buy Alcabenzi Spore at Spore Store <<

The Alcabenzi Spore strain is a hybrid crossing of Albino A+ and Mexican varieties. This fast-colonizing strain is a cultivator favorite prized for its potent visuals, euphoria, and creativity enhancement.

Spore Store accepts returns of unopened, unused Alcabenzi products with original tags within 60 days of the ship date. Customers must complete a Return Form and allow up to 28 business days for refund processing. Only items purchased in the United States qualify for returns; international purchases are ineligible. Spore Store guarantees refunds for timely returns that meet the return policy criteria.

Customers can submit a ticket through the contact form on the Spore Store website. For unique order inquiries, users are instructed to fill out the online form and can expect a response from customer service within 1-2 business days.

The Mazatapec mushroom strain is originally from southern Mexico and has been used by indigenous shamans for spiritual purposes for a long time. Lord Of Spore collects Mazatapec spores from the gill surfaces of many species in a sterile environment to create spore syringes for research and microscopy. Each 10ml syringe from Lord Of Spore contains thousands of spores suspended in water from the ground. They have fast shipping and unique syringe artwork, and they sell high-quality Mazatapec spores and other strains online. 

Researchers and mycologists interested in studying Psilocybe mushrooms can find Mazatapec spores in the diverse collection at Lord Of Spore. The ancient Mazatapec strain is famous for its mystical effects and is still popular for spiritual journeys.

Lord of Spore’s Mazatapec spore syringes offer a hassle-free and enjoyable inoculation experience with their protective syringe cases, clear instructions, and reliable quality.

A 10ml syringe of Mazatapec mushroom spores from the vendor Lord of Spore costs $30.

Customers say Lord of Spore is highly professional, with discreet packaging and swift communication. The spores arrive dark and viable under a microscope, with agar cultures showing clean, aggressive growth. Reviews mention the website appears legitimate and syringes come neatly labeled with needles and alcohol wipes for sterilization. Customers describe Lord of Spore as a great company run by friendly people. The site comes highly recommended by the mycology community.

>> Buy Mazatapec Spore at Lord Of Spore <<

Mazatapec Strain is known for its potent spiritual properties, evoking introspection and a deep connection to nature. It is renowned for its hallucinogenic effects, creating vivid visuals and auditory sensations.

Lord of Spore guarantees satisfaction with their products and will allow unopened returns within a specified window for a full refund. Under this policy, customers can get a refund for Mazatapec spore syringes if the product quality does not meet their expectations.

Customers can choose to get in touch with a representative via email, have a real-time chat conversation, or fill out a contact form on the Lord Spore website.

Spores101 is an online spore retailer that provides high-quality psychedelic mushroom products at low prices with discreet shipping. The McKennaii cubensis strain is named after psychonaut Terence McKenna and produces potent psychedelic effects. Originally found growing in dung and enriched soils in subtropical climates, the mushrooms have 25-85mm caps that start orange and turn golden brown. The white stems bruise bluish-green and have a persistent ring from the partial veil. Spore prints are dark purple/brown from a gill whose presence increases potency. Spores101 offers a huge variety of mushroom strains and guarantees secure ordering with delivery for this popular cubensis known for intense psychedelic trips when paired with the right plant.

McKennaii Cubensis spore syringes from Spores101 feature comprehensive instructions that make inoculation effortless even for first-time cultivators. The spores are designed for easy use and come in a convenient syringe format. This approach streamlines the journey of cultivating mushrooms and guarantees the potential for large mushroom cap development.

Spores101 offers 10ml McKennaii Cubensis spore syringes for $19.99 each.

Customers consistently rate the McKennaii cubensis spores from Spores101 as top quality. The spores arrive viable and ready to use for inoculation. McKennaii mushroom spores allow for extensive observation of multiple generations of fungal fruiting bodies developing from spore germination. Customers mention the McKennaii strain produces a powerful psychedelic experience as expected.

>> Buy Mckennaii Cubensis Spore at Spores101 <<

The McKennaii spore strain provides vivid visuals and transcendent trips that appeal to users looking for a deeply immersive psychedelic experience.

Spores101 guarantees complete, on-time, intact delivery of every McKennaii cubensis spore syringe order. They also guarantee overall satisfaction with the ordering experience. If customers are unhappy for any reason, Spores101 will attempt to find a satisfactory resolution, which may include compensation.

Spores101 offers email and phone customer support with a guaranteed response within one business day. Customers can get assistance by filling out the contact form on the Spores101 website, and a representative will respond within 24 business hours. If customers do not get a response, they can call 1-888-840-6926 and leave a voicemail message.

Eden Shrooms has established itself as the leading provider of spore syringes obtained from various regions across the globe. They are known for offering top-notch spores, spawn, and cultivation materials for a wide range of edible and medicinal mushrooms, including oyster mushrooms. They offer a unique selection of psychedelic, medicinal, and culinary mushroom strains collected from India, the Amazon, and Florida wetlands to inoculate plants and stem growth. With over 15 years of experience, Eden Shrooms is an industry pioneer known for contaminant-free products made in an ISO 7 clean room. The Burma cubensis strain produces dark purple-blackish spores and purple prints from medium caps originally found in Myanmar. The syringes contain 10cc of spore solution and a sterile needle.

Burma Spore syringes from Eden Shrooms make inoculating grains or agar exceedingly simple, with clear, step-by-step instructions available.

A single Burma spore syringe is priced at $19.99 on the company’s official website.

Customers were satisfied with the quick delivery and high quality of the Burma Spore syringes from Eden Shrooms. The spores arrived faster than the substrate materials needed. After inoculating the Burma spores, customers reported good results, with full canopies and isolation of nice strains.

>> Buy Burma Spore at Eden Shrooms <<

The Burma cubensis mushroom strain is a versatile strain known for its potency and unique effects. When consumed, it can produce intense visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as profound introspection and spiritual experiences.

Eden Shrooms does not accept returns or exchanges on spore products like the Burma Spore syringes, except when the wrong item was shipped. To exchange, the item must be unopened and unused with the original receipt. Customers should contact to start a claim. If approved, a return label and instructions will be provided.

Eden Shrooms offers phone, email, and website contact options to provide customer support for questions or issues with their products, including the popular Burma Spore syringes. Customers with questions or needing assistance can call the support line at (888) 399-7716. For general inquiries, customers can email For help with existing orders, email Those interested in wholesale pricing can contact the company at

Psilocybe is a group of fungi that includes over 100 species. Many varieties of these mushrooms produce psilocybin and psilocin, which are the compounds responsible for mind-altering effects. Some known Psilocybe species include Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe semilanceata, and Psilocybe azurescens.

The microscopic spores produced by these Psilocybe mushrooms facilitate their reproduction. The spores are released from the gills under the mushroom cap and spread through air currents or animals. When the spores land in a suitable environment, they can germinate into new mushroom-fruiting bodies.

Many people interested in these mushrooms buy Psilocybe spores online. This provides a legal way to obtain these mushrooms in most places since the spores themselves don’t contain psilocybin or psilocin. The spores can be easily shipped and stored until the grower is ready to cultivate mushrooms using careful techniques. 

Mushrooms embark on a fascinating life cycle, progressing through distinct stages from the beginning of spores to the emergence of fully grown fruiting bodies. This cycle is both captivating and essential to the study and cultivation of mushrooms. The journey begins with spores, tiny reproductive entities similar to plant seeds. When released from mature mushrooms, spores germinate under favorable conditions, giving rise to mycelium, a network of thread-like structures. Mycelium expands underground, absorbing nutrients and exploring its surroundings.

Under specific environmental cues, mycelium undergoes a transformative process, culminating in the appearance of a fruiting body. This visible structure contains the reproductive parts of the mushroom, housing spore-producing structures like gills. Once mature, the fruiting body disperses numerous spores into the environment. These spores can be carried by air or creatures and have the potential to initiate new cycles of growth when they land on suitable substrates.

The decision to obtain mushrooms in spore form rather than fully grown mushrooms arises from various reasons. Firstly, spores are legal to purchase and possess in many jurisdictions as they lack psychoactive compounds. This legal status encourages the exploration of mycology without legal concerns. Additionally, obtaining spores enables hands-on engagement in educational and scientific pursuits, allowing enthusiasts to delve into the intricacies of mushroom cultivation. 

Individuals have precise control over growth conditions by cultivating mushrooms from spores, leading to successful outcomes and desired characteristics. Lastly, sourcing high-quality spores from reputable suppliers ensures consistency and reliability in the cultivation process.

The mushroom species Psilocybe cubensis is likely the most widely studied Psilocybe mushroom today. With its medium to large fruiting bodies rich in psilocybin and psilocin, this subtropical and tropical species has become the top choice for beginning cultivators thanks to the widespread availability of its spores and relatively fast growth rate. P. cubensis has achieved an iconic status among psilocybin mushrooms through its widespread cultivation and distribution. Its ease of growth makes it ideal for novice growers seeking to propagate this species known for its potent mind-altering effects.

The “liberty cap” mushroom, Psilocybe semilanceata, is a prolific psilocybin species native to temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. This small mushroom has distinctive cone-shaped caps atop thin, fragile stems. While more difficult to cultivate than the popular P. cubensis, the liberty cap produces small yields of fruiting bodies with exceptionally high psilocybin levels. The tiny size and unique appearance of P. semilanceata make it an appealing choice, mainly for experienced cultivators looking to grow something different. Its challenging cultivation and limited yields are offset by the potency and heritage of this iconic mushroom.

With its wavy tan to caramel-colored caps, the wood-loving Psilocybe cyanescens is a highly potent psilocybin mushroom species. The fungal spores of P. cyanescens, found growing wild in North America and Europe on hardwood logs and mulch, produce mushrooms with higher psilocybin concentrations compared to P. cubensis. Growing mushrooms from P. cyanescens spores can be more challenging than the beginner-friendly P. cubensis, but seasoned cultivators will appreciate adding this special species known for its intense psychedelic effects to their repertoire. Though difficult to cultivate, the payoff of harvested P. cyanescens mushrooms makes obtaining these coveted spores worthwhile for experienced mushroom growers.

The legal status of psilocybin mushroom spores is ambiguous in the United States. In most states, spores can be purchased, sold, and kept without penalty because they do not naturally contain controlled substances. However, the mycelium that forms when spores germinate and disperse produces psilocybin and psilocin. A handful of states, including California, Georgia, and Idaho, have criminalized spore possession, potentially leading to prosecution. In these states, possessing spores could result in criminal penalties. Even in states where spores are legal, cultivating them into mushrooms for consumption is illegal under federal statutes.

The cultivation process requires careful legal navigation. If someone is suspected of “intent to manufacture” illegal spore deposits, they could face charges regardless of actual mushroom growth. Law enforcement agencies sometimes employ “probable cause” arguments to prosecute those purchasing multiple pieces of cultivation equipment, even without direct evidence.

While personal cultivation is banned, spores are sold for microscopy and scientific purposes. However, legal risks exist if individuals are unable to convincingly demonstrate lawful intentions with the spores. Mycologists emphasize following all applicable laws and caution against cultivating psilocybin mushrooms without understanding the nuances of state statutes. Treading carefully within the ambiguous legal territory is crucial for avoiding criminal repercussions.

When purchasing mushroom spores, it is important to choose a reputable brand known for selling high-quality products. Avoid unknown or sketchy sources, as you want spores that are guaranteed to be viable and contaminant-free. Reputable sellers will provide proof of laboratory testing showing the spores are 100% pure and free of bacteria and other contaminants. Carefully research the brand and read reviews to ensure others have had success with their products. Additionally, make sure you are picking spores from the specific mushroom species you want to study. Double-check that the product description matches the species you are expecting, as mushroom types can vary greatly in appearance and growing requirements.

When selecting mushroom spores, look for products where the spores are suspended in sterile water to avoid contamination. The spore discharge mechanism and dispersal work best in water. For beginners, spores packaged in syringes are easiest to work with. Purchasing prints requires extra steps to prepare the spores. Only buy freshly harvested spores, as they have a shelf life. Old spores have lower germination rates. Reputable sellers indicate the harvest date. When studying mushroom reproduction, choosing fresh spores in sterile water can help maximize scientific understanding. The sterile conditions prevent contamination that could disrupt observation of the natural fungal life cycle. New, viable spores optimize the ability to closely examine each stage of growth and development in the species’ native habitat. 

When acquiring mushroom spores, it’s vital to initiate your usage with a conservative quantity and progressively raise it if necessary. This approach empowers you to assess your personal level and prevent any potential undesirable repercussions. Given the varying potency of distinct mushrooms, it is imperative to diligently investigate and acquaint yourself with the particular strain you are considering acquiring.

The frequency of consumption varies from person to person. It is generally advisable to allow a sufficient interval between doses to steer clear of developing tolerance or encountering adverse outcomes. This time span may take from a few days to a couple of weeks, contingent upon the type of mushroom and individual factors. Consistent and excessive utilization could result in diminishing effects and possible detrimental impacts on overall well-being.

Proper sterilization is critical when working with mushroom spores to prevent contamination. Follow the seller’s instructions for sterilizing spores, tools, and equipment. Work in a clean environment with no drafts or dirt. Use protective gear like gloves and masks, along with sterile tools. Sterilize all grow substrates, containers, and surfaces before starting. Any bacteria or molds can outcompete the mushroom mycelium. Adhering to strict sterility gives the mushrooms the best chance of healthy growth.

Myth: Mushroom spores are illegal to buy or sell.

Fact: In most places, mushroom spores are legal to buy and sell for microscopy uses. However, once they are germinated and grow into mycelium, they may be illegal, depending on local laws. Spores themselves contain no psilocybin and are viewed as a legal source of scientific interest.

Myth: Inhaling mushroom spores is dangerous.

Fact: For most people, inhaling spores will not cause any harm. However, some individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems could react. Proper precautions should be taken during spore sampling or inoculation. Overall the risk is very low with most common edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Myth: Mushroom spores are difficult to find and purchase.

Fact: Many online vendors sell mushroom spores legally for microscopy and scientific novelty. Types like psilocybin mushrooms may be harder to acquire in some areas, but many edible, gourmet, and medicinal spores are easily found online. Reputable dealers abide by local laws and inform customers of legal usage. Growing from spores does require skill, but acquiring them is often simple.

Consuming excessive amounts of mushrooms can lead to negative effects. High doses may bring on frightening hallucinations, anxiety, and paranoia. Without proper guidance, overuse also increases the risk of accidental injury or engaging in dangerous behavior while impaired. Large amounts can tax the body as well, resulting in side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rate, and high blood pressure. The long-term physical and mental health consequences of frequent high-dose mushroom use are still not well studied, but psychological addiction has been reported in some cases.

Mushrooms can cause dangerous interactions with many medications. Those on prescription drugs should consult a doctor before using mushrooms, especially if taking lithium, tricyclics, or meds for blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid issues. Combining these with mushrooms risks adverse side effects.

For those with pre-existing mental health conditions, mushroom use carries risks of exacerbating symptoms. Mushroom use can worsen underlying conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and more. Individuals with a personal or family history of mental illness should exhibit extreme caution with mushrooms and likely avoid use altogether. The psychotropic effects of mushrooms remain poorly understood, and unpredictable reactions can occur. If someone with mental health vulnerabilities chooses to use mushrooms, it should only be under the supervision of a qualified psychiatric professional, therapist, or doctor to monitor the effects. With proper protocols and observation, controlled usage may be possible for some, but all individuals are different. Anyone with a mental illness history should think critically before considering mushrooms.

Psilocybin mushrooms are federally illegal as a Schedule I drug. Recently some states decriminalized personal use/possession in small amounts, but large-scale distribution remains a felony. Where permitted, legal use often applies only to naturally occurring mushrooms, not intentional cultivation. Mycelium, spores, and grow materials may still be prohibited. Users should know federal and local laws to avoid penalties. While attitudes are shifting, mushroom laws remain complex and enforcement continues in most places.

No, mushrooms are not addictive. Unlike addictive drugs, mushrooms do not cause compulsive drug-seeking behaviors or withdrawal symptoms when use stops.

Mushroom spores can remain viable for 1 to 2 years if properly stored, but potency and germination rates slowly decline over time. For best results, mushroom spores should be used within six months to 1 year of harvest. Spores from dried mushroom prints or in syringe solutions last longer than fresh spores, but refrigeration is still needed to maintain viability. The exact shelf life depends on storage conditions and mushroom species.

Preliminary research shows that psilocybin mushrooms can alleviate anxiety, depression, and OCD when taken in controlled therapeutic settings.

Emerging research indicates that compounds found in certain mushrooms may promote mental health. In particular, mushrooms containing psilocybin seem to influence serotonin levels in the brain. This interaction may lead to changes in mood, viewpoint, and thinking patterns by enhancing neural connections and brain plasticity. Other mushroom compounds like beta-glucans could also support mental wellness through immune system effects.

The cubensis mushroom spores, also called “golden halos,” are the best choice for helping with depression. For a natural energy boost, Cordyceps mushroom spores are the most effective.

Mushroom spores alone cannot be used for microdosing. The active compounds are contained in the mushroom fruit body, not the spores. Spores lack sufficient psychoactive compounds to have an effect and could cause stomach upset if consumed raw. For microdosing, mushrooms would need to be grown first from the spores.

In conclusion, there are many high-quality psilocybin mushroom spore vendors to choose from. Strains like Penis Envy and Alcabenzi offer potent psychedelic properties, while Mazatapec has a long history of spiritual use. Carefully compare spore syringe features like pricing, shipping, and ease of use when selecting a vendor. Those new to mycology may opt for user-friendly strains, while advanced hobbyists tend to prefer rare and challenging varieties. Always use spores legally and begin cautiously with “starter” strains like Golden Teacher. Experienced mycologists can graduate to strains like Penis Envy once comfortable. Research vendors’ reputations and consult with a professional before purchasing spores.

We would love to hear about your own mushroom journeys! Please share any enlightening lessons or fascinating experiences you’ve had with researching or studying psychedelic mushrooms in the comments section below. Let’s start a conversation about the mind-expanding world of mycology.

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Strongest Mushroom Spores To Buy Online In The US

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