This Suri Electric toothbrush gives your tooth cleaning a bio-friendly buff | British GQ

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This Suri Electric toothbrush gives your tooth cleaning a bio-friendly buff | British GQ

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The best electric toothbrushes are all the rage right now (thanks, Black Friday sales). By removing a lot of the elbow grease required to give your teeth a buff twice a day, it's no surprise they're so popular — but a little-discussed factor of buying these super-charged plastic devices is their impact on the environment. In a quest to assuage your eco-conscious concerns, Suri’s electric toothbrush is the vanguard product to open up a more environmentally friendly self-care routine.

Suri, or Sustainable Rituals, offers a top-drawer cleaning experience with all the trimmings of a premium model from the likes of Oral-B or Philips Sonicare, but is made from aluminium, plant-based, recyclable and bio-friendly materials without compromising on design or quality. 

At a glance, the Suri looks like most other decent electric toothbrushes, with a soft-bristled, oval-shaped head, a slimline, ergonomic, fully repairable aluminium handle and a marathon-length battery. However, it’s the materials it’s made of that really interest us. 

The brush heads themselves are built from castor oil and corn starch, a practice that’s friendlier than the use of plastic fibres and much more sustainable in the long run. If you’re concerned they won’t do the job, our testing has found they clean our teeth just as well as any other electric toothbrush, with the bristles vibrating in all the right ways to eradicate plaque and dirt on our teeth.

The eco-bonuses don’t stop there, though, as Suri offsets 100 per cent of all transport and manufacturing emissions and offers plenty of replacement brush heads in the same environmentally caring materials. 

A pretty minimalist product with no flourishes in design outside of the single button to power it, Suri is as easy to use as it gets. Press once for the everyday clean setting (which will illuminate the button in white) or twice for the polish mode (a light blue will shine): that’s pretty much all the button does. There’s no pressure sensor to warn you when you’re being too vigorous with your strokes, and honestly, the difference between the two modes are barely noticeable when placed alongside other options, especially those that support several modes or AI systems to map out your brushing journey.

However, that simplicity is refreshing when compared to a market stacked full of clever brushes that offer complete dental health guidance and numerous modes, buttons and settings to navigate, which can often be a bit much early in the morning. 

Outside the eco-friendly nature of the brush, it’s a magnetic recharging system that’s the true USP here. In the box, you’ll get the brush itself, a set of replacement brush heads, a USB charging stand and a magnetic wall mount. Simply pop this little pebble-like mount next to your sink to declutter your bathroom and ensure you never run out of juice mid-brush. 

While this does make the charging stand a bit superfluous when brushing at home, it also opens up the option to take the brush travelling with you, as it's USB-friendly and comes with a metre-long cable so you can squeeze in a quick brush when you're stuck in the airport or train station. Realistically, you probably won’t even need to worry about that anyway, as the battery lasts for up to 40 days based on a two-minute twice-daily brush. 

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even fork out an extra £20 for the UV-C LED cleaning travel case, which uses UV lights to clean the brush head of bacteria while charging it.

While the Suri looks a little simplistic when scrutinised alongside some of our other favourite toothbrushes — the lack of multiple brushing modes and pressure sensor, in particular, is glaring — it’s still an excellent choice if you’re being kinder to the planet in 2023 while keeping your Hampstead Heath nice and healthy. 

In fact, the basic nature of the device is refreshing if you’re tired of the plethora of apps and smart tech that permeates most gadgets these days. All you need is to charge it up, a convenient task thanks to the magnetic charger, and then pop a quality toothpaste on to get the results you’re looking for. 

This Suri Electric toothbrush gives your tooth cleaning a bio-friendly buff | British GQ

Digital Blood Pressure Meter Reasonably priced, steeped in battery life and with two brushing modes that are largely enough to do the job (unless you’ve got particularly sensitive gums), the Suri is a great replacement for your current plastic favourite. Ultimately, sustainability is imperative at a time when tech companies are rampantly spending global resources, and we do love the warm feeling we get by using the Suri: another small change we can make to help Mother Earth. £75. At and